‍Rough Terrain & Telescopic Materials Handler

‍Syllabus | Duration | Instructor Machinery Ratio | Attachment Training

‍The Rough Terrain & Telescopic Materials Handler Course provides the course candidate with sound theory knowledge and practical skills in the capacity of the truck.

‍At the end of the course the trainee will have learnt inspections and observation skills and the responsibilities of the operative at all times, within the workplace.



‍The basic course syllabus includes...

‍Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 & ACOPS

‍Operatives Responsibilities & PPE

‍Site Safety – Area Hazards & Ground Stability

‍Principles of Stability and Rated Capacity

‍Pre Start Checks – Controls – Observation – Blind Spots

‍Manoeuvring – Stop – Start – Drive Ratio & Gearing 4×4

‍Lifting – Lowering – Steering – Extending Reach

‍Attachments & their Purpose – Effects of Use

‍High-eye – Low-level Stacking & De-Stacking – Work Practices

‍Vehicle Loading & Unloading

‍Pre Start Check Assessment

‍Practical Assessment Test

‍Theory Test

‍Course closing summary



‍As with all our courses, we will adapt the course to suit the experience and number of candidates on the course, which may affect the duration.

‍Refresher Course: 1 day

‍Semi Experienced Course: 3 days

‍Novice Operative Course: 5 days


‍Instructor Machinery Ratio

‍This course has an instructor – trainee – machinery ratio of...

‍3 x Trainees

‍1 x Instructor

‍1 x Telescopic Materials Handler


‍Attachment Training

‍We also offer attachment training for the telescopic materials handler and all plant machinery types, please contact us for further details...

‍Slinger Signaller


‍Suspended Loads or used as a crane




‍Manual Handling


‍Brush Sweeper

‍Snow Plow

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