‍Attachment Training

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‍The Health & Safety Executives have laid down laws and guidelines so that employers, or the self-employed, receive adequate training for the purpose of health and safety.

‍Upon completion of the Attachment Training Course, operatives will have good knowledge of how to use attachments safely; the effects of stability; the dangers; how to detach and attach correctly and also, be assessed and tested in its use, with certification issued.



‍Attachments can and do affect the stability, handling and lifting capability of all plant machinery.

‍It is the understanding and safe use of the attachments that are affixed to specific plant types that make operatives competent and conscientious in their work duties.

‍Certificates of basic or specific training can be issued as individual courses.

‍Euro Training Services Limited automatically includes attachment training such as side shifts on fork lift trucks, quick hitch release systems on 360° excavators and hooks with slinging techniques for lorry mounted loaders. This is part of basic training for novice operatives.

‍Types of attachment could include:

‍Side Shifts

‍Quick Hitch & 360° Bucket

‍Man Cage for Telescopic Handler

‍Strymach Clamp

‍Lift Jib for Cranes

‍Water Bowser

‍Spreader beam for Cranes

‍Skid Steer Sweeper

‍Brick Clamp



‍As with all our courses, we will adapt the course to suit the experience and number of candidates on the course, which may affect the duration.


‍Instructor Machinery Ratio

‍This course has an instructor – trainee – machinery ratio of...

‍6 x Trainees

‍1 x Instructor

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